People Are Actually Bedazzling Their Dog’s Balls with Coloured Glitter and Just… No

People Are Actually Bedazzling Their Dog’s Balls with Coloured Glitter and Just… No

And you thought there were more pressing issues for us to write about today! Ha!

So as the title and horrifying images suggest, there are people in this world that have voluntarily taken it upon themselves to adorn a perfectly natural set of dogs balls with glitter.

Why? Well, we don’t know.

We don’t know why someone would want to draw attention to what many would agree is not the most engaging part of a dog. Or a man, let’s be honest here. Hairy ballsacks are not attractive. Even ones covered in turquoise glitter.

Not apologising for the size of this image, bahahaha!

You might like to argue that glitter makes everything infinitely better, but I think in this case we may just argue back.

Now, this trend isn’t exactly sweeping the globe just yet, but it is a thing. At least two separate dogs have had their balls smothered in corn syrup and then dipped in edible glitter as these images prove.

Of course, the natural conclusion to this absolutely baffling idea is that the dogs would have licked their balls within 42 seconds of these images being taken, resulting in glitter poo later on.

This just keeps getting better, doesn’t it?

Oh but there’s more. Once the images went viral on Facebook, the comments section lit up with hilarity.

Lots of people have branded this madness as animal cruelty or abuse, but really, it’s just corn syrup and edible glitter. It’s really stupid, but the animals are not harmed.

And the dogs probably love it.

I mean, who wouldn’t?

This has been another groundbreaking piece of journalism from your mates at Mums Lounge. Thank you for your time.


Source: Facebook here and here.


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