Woman Reveals The Reason She’s Chosen To Get Sterilised At The Age Of 31!

Woman Reveals The Reason She’s Chosen To Get Sterilised At The Age Of 31!

A woman in California has revealed that the reason she’s decided to forego motherhood is because of climate change.

Gwynn Mackellen, 31 shared her decision on UK TV show This Morning where she said that although many would disagree with her choice she feels it’s the right one for the planet.

Speaking to hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, Mackellen outlined the environmental impact having a child would have and said that in her opinion it was too detrimental to warrant her ever having one.

Mackellen was questioned as to why she didn’t just ask her partners to undergo vasectomies but she said none of them had be willing to have the procedure.

“I had asked every partner of mine to get a vasectomy, but none of them would do it,” the recycling consultant said. “So my current partner said ‘well if it’s so important to you, why don’t you do it yourself? Why don’t you get sterilised?’ So I started looking into it.”

Initially Mackellen had trouble finding a doctor who would perform the procedure on such a young woman but she eventually found one that was sympathetic to her reasons.

Talk show hosts Holly and Phillip, both parents themselves, asked Mackellen whether they did the wrong thing having children themselves.

“I don’t want to judge somebody else,” she replied.  “For me, I would feel bad bringing another person into the world.”

She went on to explain that the four greatest ways of reducing your carbon footprint is to eat a plant based diet, avoid air travel, live car free and not have children.

“Once you create that person they have their own effects, and they may have offspring and they may have offspring,” she said. “It’s the impact of people.”

Not surprisingly, Mackellen’s comments prompted many to voice their own opinions on her controversial choice. Some were against the sterilisation and were quick to point out why. In fact many said that what would be the point of having a healthy planet if there were no humans to enjoy it.

While others believed she was free to do whatever she wanted with her body and if she felt this was the best way to help save the planet then who are we to judge her?

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