Concerned Dad Reports That a Pervert Was Watching His Sons at School, Screws up Badly

Concerned Dad Reports That a Pervert Was Watching His Sons at School, Screws up Badly

We all want to protect our children, that is our number one job after all! And when they come to us with a problem that could endanger their safety, it is our responsibility to sort it out quickly to ensure that they remain safe and sound.

So it’s understandable that when your young child approaches you telling you that a creepy man in a van keeps smiling and waving at him while at school, that you would instantly believe them, phone the appropriate authorities and put a stop to any nefarious scheme that old pervert had in mind. You might possibly do all of that without pausing to think of anything else first. After all, this is important and must be handled immediately!

A bashful dad has admitted that in his haste to report a pervert stalking his children’s school, he has screwed up big time. BIG TIME.

Taking to the best Reddit sub ever, TIFU (Today I F*cked Up), the anonymous dad explained his error:

TIFU by reporting a pervert to the School my sons go to. from r/tifu

Oh dear, we can only imagine how this poor dad tried to explain himself to the responding officers!

Other Redditors enjoyed the unintentionally-pervy dad’s story so much that his post has been upvoted more than one hundred thousand times and gilded with more than 30 awards.

“I mean this in the nicest way possible, but how can you be so stupid? haha!” wrote one of the commenters.

“The guy has two seven-year-olds that couldn’t recognize him in a hat a sunglasses for weeks,” responded another. “Runs in the family?”

Too funny!


Source: Reddit and Giphy


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