Can We Please Stop Throwing Cheese at Babies?

Can We Please Stop Throwing Cheese at Babies?

The internet moves quickly these days. One week we’re all getting het up over a freaky self-harm challenge and the next we’re throwing cheese at babies. It’s hard to keep up!

The latest challenge is pretty much what it says on the tin — just throw a slice of floppy processed cheese at your baby and film their shocked response so you can reap in loads of sweet, sweet attention and imaginary internet points.

The prank, which is accompanied by the hashtag #cheesed, was started by @unclehxlmes on Twitter where he “cheesed” a baby in a since-deleted Tweet.

The user admitted that the baby was no relation to his and that he shouldn’t have shared the footage (after it received 8 million views) but the prank had already started to catch on.  Other parents quickly began posting videos of themselves tossing cheese onto their own kids’ sweet, innocent, clueless faces.

Some babies smile through the cheese, some try to eat it, and others look visibly confused. Certain #cheesed videos have garnered hundreds of thousands of views on Twitter and Instagram.

And it needs to stop.

Why? Well, Chrissy Teigen sums it up best:

While tossing a slice of processed cheese onto a baby’s innocent little face isn’t going to do any long term damage, it isn’t exactly nice. Or that funny to be honest.

Throw cheese at your dog, at your husband, at your bestie or your neighbour. Hell, throw it at your older children who have a few more life skills to handle a sudden cold face slap and the confused darkness that follows with no idea how to make the world right again while mummy and daddy are pissing themselves laughing.

Just stop throwing cheese on your innocent little baby who trusts you to look after them.

Source: Twitter


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