11 Year Old Presents 6 Page Report to Parents on Why She Needs a Cat

11 Year Old Presents 6 Page Report to Parents on Why She Needs a Cat

We all know how persuasive kids can be when they are trying to get something that their heart desires. Doesn’t matter whether it’s another biscuit, more screentime or something actually important, they turn into mini Meryl Streeps as they pitch their request. But this 11-year-old really went all out in her attempt to convince her parents to get her a cat.

She presented a neatly typed 6 page essay to them, entitled ‘Why I Would Love a Cat, Benefits of Cats, and fixing problems’, by “your dear old lovely daughter, Romesa”.

Romesa, who lives in San Antonio in the US, included a whole bunch of reasons as to why she should get a cat, citing heart attack statistics and the fact that cats can detect oncoming seizures and help deal with trauma.

It is not known whether or not Romesa suffers from any of those health conditions but she does make a very good point nevertheless.

She also casually mentioned that if she had a cat she would spend less time on her electronics and would be less stressed, anxious and angry.

Romesa’s older sister Rimsha caught wind of her desperate attempt to convince their parents to obtain a cat and posted the essay to Twitter. As predicted, Twitter users everywhere chimed in, telling the family to get her a damn cat already.

Romesha with big sister Rimsha

We do hope their parents caved and got them a cat. They definitely deserve one after that presentation!


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