Win a Euroflex Floor Steamer Valued at $329

Win a Euroflex Floor Steamer Valued at $329

We know that keeping your floors clean can seem like a full time job if you aren’t using the right equipment. That’s why we are super excited to give you the opportunity to win a Euroflex Floor Steamer SC1Z1 model (available exclusively from Harvey Norman) valued at $329.

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Whether it’s tiles, floorboards, carpets, or marble, The Euroflex Ultra Dry Floor Steam Cleaner will give your floors the deep clean they deserve.

Key Features

  • Using superheated steam that is drier and hotter, the Euroflex Ultra Dry is able to soften and loosen dirt quickly and effortlessly without damaging water sensitive floors.
  • With the included microfibre pads and carpet sledges, the Euroflex Steam Cleaner is capable of cleaning harder surfaces like ceramic or laminate, as well as refreshing carpets.
  • Double steam jets with a steam booster function ensure that floors and floor edges are cleaned without any loss in steam heat.
  • Ready in just 3 minutes, you can use the Euroflex Floor Cleaner for up to 20 minutes before having to refill.
  • Convenient features such as an included parking pad for idle time, and automatic on-off functionality sets Euroflex apart from the competition.

Can’t wait to see if you’ve won?  We’ve got an Exclusive Offer just for you!

Our friends at Harvey Norman are offering an exclusive offer just for Mums Lounge readers!!! Click here to find out what your BONUS GIFT could be and how to claim it!

For your chance to win the Euroflex Ultra Dry Floor Steam Cleaner complete the entry form below. Good luck!


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  1. Spend more time creating with the kids, from art and craft to building in the workshop. We have a special project planned this summer and we cant wait to get started on building a cubby house!

  2. I’d have more time to spend enjoying my children’s company rather then making sure the house is lovely and clean for them

  3. I’d definitely hit the gym,
    To feel great from within!
    A healthy mum is a must,
    So in some extra sweat I’ll trust.

  4. I would spend the extra hour each day planting flowers and vegetables in my garden. Not only would my floors be clean and sparkling with the Euroflex, but my garden would be spectacular too.

  5. I’d love to spend them with my little ones – those first few years of life are the ones I want to remember forever, cherishing the memories where I can!

  6. Stare into the distance….and think of nothing. I dont have anytime to do nothing at present. Its a distant memory.

  7. Extra time will be sublime,
    An extra hour would be divine,
    I never have time to read,
    So read I would, yes indeed!

  8. I’d love the extra time as it would mean making more precious memories with my beautiful kids instead of cleaning

  9. I’ve recently bought a guitar,
    but have no idea where to start.
    With an extra hour a day
    I could strum away
    or read tabs to learn songs
    off the charts.

  10. This mop would give me an extra 2 hours a day as now I have to get on my knees to clean and dry our floor so there are no streaks. With 2 extra hours I could do my week’s ironing which would give me an extra half an hour sleep in every morning, pure bliss!

  11. Oh my gosh an extra hour in the day,
    What could I do? What do I say?
    I’d have time to care for my unruly hair;
    I’d have time for a bubble bath, that would be fun;
    Paint my toes and laze in the sun.
    Rest and relax, maybe phone a friend,
    An hour to my day would be a God send!

  12. An extra hour would be marvellous in my day
    It will allow me to relish amidst little pleasures in a special way
    Thanks to the Euroflex Floor Steamer cleaning made a breeze
    Helping asthma, allergies and preventing wheeze
    As it becomes our family’s best friend
    A helpful hand, it will surely lend!

  13. Well I’d like to say that I would relax with a book, or get a massage, but realistically I ‘d probably cook something or clean something.

  14. The extra hour would give me time to get on researching our family tree while hubby cleaned the floorboards throughout the house with the Euroflex Floor Steamer. Thankfully hubby loves cleaning, whereas I hate it.

  15. With an extra hour in the day I would plant red roses in my back garden. The fragrance would surround the home.

  16. I’d eat chocolate while watching repeats of Offspring from my recliner. Thank you Euroflex Floor Steamer!

  17. With an extra hour in my day; I can think of plenty of fun coming my way.
    Pilates, reading a book or baking; Netflix, facemasks or even painting!

  18. With that extra hour I would create beautiful moments with my family that we would treasure forever, time is precious.

  19. Oh. My. Goodness. Our floors would actually BE clean for the first time in years. We have floorboards throughout the house, so this would be an eternal lifesaver for us!

  20. Extra hour free because of Euroflex Floor Steamer!
    Gives me time to dream about driving home one day in my new Beamer! (BMW that is!)

  21. My floors drive me mad I think about tackling them rather than actually cleaning them as it is painstaking,an extra hour yes please!

  22. The extra hour would either go toward finally getting back to exercising or working on my plans for world domination. It’s a toss up really. Maybe I’ll do 30 minutes on each.

  23. I’d love more time to work on my baking, I love making homemade croissants, it take a while to complete all the steps.. especially when I just HAVE to include a chocolate praline centre…

  24. I would take the extra time to play with my puppy and the kids… can never spend enough time with my gorgeous family 🙂

  25. With a mop like this I wouldn’t know myself or my floors! I may just have to sit and bask in their sparkle for a while. Or at least 2 minutes until they need cleaned again!!

  26. I am currently studying social work and working hard for exams. With an extra hour I would take a break from reading textbooks for uni and find a new novel to read, while swaying in my hammock. This bookworm has a different book for work, rest and play!

  27. Grocery shopping or spa time?
    Sipping Corona in the sun with lime?
    Organise my Tupperware lids?
    No, spend more time with the kids!

  28. I would work at my second job, my own business I’m trying grow from my home office. One instance of being thrilled to work not housework!

  29. I would take a yoga class to help me balance my body and mind, I cant get there lately to much to do I find.

  30. Whatever I pleased, nothing that dictated or demanded of my time or attention. Life would be ‘pre-domestic-bliss’ good again (not that I don’t love Domestic Bliss!!!).

  31. An extra hour sounds sweeter than chocolate.
    Taking ‘Time Out’ to complete puzzles would be a ‘Picnic’.
    This ‘Bounty’ generates no ‘Snickers’ from me !

  32. Get the rest of the housework done. I always seem to rush around like a mad chook, this would allow me to take my time and have a glass of wine in between.

  33. I’d go and spend some time with my elderly neighbour who lives alone. I know it would make the world of difference to her if I could spend an hour or so a week just sitting having a chat with her over a cup of tea.

  34. I’d actually put my feet up with a cup of tea and try and get back into my reading like I did pre-pregnancy

  35. In the bathroom – door locked so the kids can’t ask any more questions – taking an hour long hot shower. Bliss!

  36. i could have a hour for me time to help me unwind just a little then back to looking after the twins

  37. I’d sit back and enjoy a glass of wine instead of whining about the dirt on my floor from the dogs 😫🥂 what a life saver it would be

  38. I’d probably have to spend at least an hour figuring out what to do with a spare hour… it has been so long since I’ve experienced free time.

  39. Go for a walk and still have time for some yoga, or the complete opposite… sit down and watch some TV 😛

  40. This would be so helpful! An extra hour would give me the much needed time to return everyone’s clothes to their drawers instead of their current semi permanent home on the pool table.

  41. An extra hour will allow me to relax after a long day at work with a soothing bubble bath and a glass of wine.

  42. With an extra hour the Euroflex floor steamer will give me, I would invite my girlfriends for lunch and proudly show off my clean floors.

  43. With the extra hour I gain from the floor steamer I would get to spend more time enjoying life with my family. (Or sleeping – everyone loves sleeping)


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