Kylie Jenner Is Being Mummy Shamed Already!

Kylie Jenner Is Being Mummy Shamed Already!

New mum Kylie Jenner has barely had a chance to settle into her new role and she’s already being mummy shamed on social media.

When the reality TV star decided to retreat from the spotlight during her pregnancy the world was quick to judge her for it. Fans of the 20 year old were wondering why she kept the pregnancy such a mystery. There was not one single image of Jenner released while she was pregnant with her daughter Stormi. We only saw photos after the birth announcement with Jenner apologising for keeping her fans out of the most important time of her life.

Perhaps the reason the young mum decided to stay away from social media was because she knew exactly the kind of scrutiny she would be under. People would have had something to say about every aspect of her pregnancy- from how much weight she gained to why she was still dyeing her hair. Can you just imagine going through your first ever pregnancy at such a young age under the scrutiny of the entire world?!

Stories that are surfacing now about Jenner prove her point that staying out of the limelight was the right move. The reality TV star shared her first photo with daughter Stormi last week on Instagram and you can bet the mummy shamers were just raring to go!

The first full-body photo of her daughter Stormi Webster was shared on Instagram and featured Jenner dressed in an Alexander Wang tracksuit and Yeezy sneakers. The new mum is holding her daughter who’s dressed in a furry white onesie that has animal ears on the hood.

While some fans saw the pic as nothing more than a sweet mother daughter photo others zoomed in on Jenner’s nails stating that they were competently unacceptable for a mum! Take a look for yourself.

Apparently the fact Jenner has long nails means it’s okay to question her parenting skills. Comments ranged from: “How can she possibly change diapers with those talons,” to “Typical Kardashian behaviour, it’s all about her not the baby!”

Others jumped to the star’s defence saying that “women who are used to having long nails can pretty much do anything with them, including changing a diaper!”

It’s interesting to note that no-one has yet questioned how the baby’s father Travis Scott is handling fatherhood. By all reports he’s still wearing those highly dangerous ‘gold necklaces’ around his neck that could easily hit a baby in the face and how come he’s still out touring and doing his thing while his new baby and girlfriend are at home?

Jenner has simply shrugged off the comments and shared a short video of little Stormi asleep along with the caption ‘those cheeks’.

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