These Completely Coincidental Glitches in the Matrix Will Make You Look Twice!

These Completely Coincidental Glitches in the Matrix Will Make You Look Twice!

It isn’t unheard of for someone to run into their doppelgänger — a complete stranger who looks exactly like themselves — in one of life’s most uncanny coincidences. But sometimes there are two or three or even more people that look eerily similar, all within close distance of each other.

The internet has called this phenomenon a “glitch in the Matrix”, referencing the fake reality from the movie The Matrix and what might happen if those controlling the Matrix introduced a new code, resulting in a slight error of perception for those trapped within it.

These photos prove that sometimes people are more like-minded than first thought. That while we might think we are an individual with our own personal style, we might not be as unique as we assumed we were!

  1. This young man not only found someone who looked just like him, but he was even wearing the exact same jumper

2. Maybe the cardigan was on special? They even have the exact same haircut!

3. “I’m visiting the USA for the first time: there was a glitch in the matrix yesterday as I stood in line at The Met, New York.”

4. It looks like the same lady took her seat on this train four different times.

5. “My boyfriend and his doppelgänger at the Getty Museum” — that’s quite uncanny!

6. The exact same shade of jumper and hair, all sitting in a row.

7. This looks too organised to be coincidental, surely? Down to the same shoes even?

8. When you spot someone wearing the same outfit as you!

9. These two gentlemen are even standing the exact same way

10. The day everyone decided to wear a navy and white stripey shirt

11. You’d think this was the same person, but no, three different men!

12. “My boyfriend and I went to a beer festival and met a couple who was dressed the same as u!”s

13. Too funny!

14. They’re multiplying!

15. Just three completely unrelated women ordering coffee all wearing pretty much the same outfit.

16. This is starting to get a little weird.

17. I mean, what are the odds?

18. Spotted at a concert – two women looking exactly the same!

Have you ever run into your doppelgänger or experienced a glitch in the matrix?


Source: Bored Panda


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