Woman Sparks Debate After Admitting She Washes Her Pyjamas Every Day!

Woman Sparks Debate After Admitting She Washes Her Pyjamas Every Day!

A debate has been sparked online after a woman took to parenting forum Mumsnet in order to see how often others wash their pyjamas.

There were many answers but one stood out in particular and seemed to cause outrage amongst other members. The woman in question admitted to washing and ironing hers every night before use. She says it’s unfathomable that she put on the same pair she wore the night before.

‘I cant imagine going for a shower at night and putting on the same PJs I had on the night before. No wonder I have so much washing,’ she said.

Now if you’re a nude sleeper then this is probably the equivalent of you washing your sheets everyday, no? I mean is the issue that the pyjamas are getting dirty every night? Is she an excessive sweater? Does she eat in bed? Or is she not wearing underwear with her pyjamas bottoms?

One member said it makes a difference whether you wear pants underneath or not, with one saying it extends the life span to four or five days.

Many who read the comments seemed to think all this excessive washing was unnecessary and in fact was harmful to the environment.

‘Washing them every night is not normal,’ one said. ‘If I was away for a two week holiday I’d only bring one pair, generally speaking. At home maybe change every week.

‘The wash after every wear people are in the minority and contributing to the destruction of our environment, but that’s another issue.’

And: ‘Enough washing already without washing things that aren’t even dirty.’

Hygiene expert, Professor Sally Bloomfield, of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine warns that wearing pj’s for a long period of time without washing them can lead to skin infections and cystitis.

‘Pyjamas are against your skin,’ she said. ‘You shed skin cells at a vast rate all the time.

What do you think of this debate? Should we be washing our pyjamas every night? I currently change mine weekly and are now questioning whether I am in fact risking my health?!


Images: Mumsnet and Pixabay


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