Will You Be Making Yourself One of These Brilliant DIY Rudolph Costumes This Christmas?

Will You Be Making Yourself One of These Brilliant DIY Rudolph Costumes This Christmas?

The internet is full of fun DIY ideas for Christmas, from festive wreaths for your front door, to red and green jelly cups and other delicious treats. There is always some craft activity to be done to enhance the enjoyment of the holiday season for everyone.

No matter what your crafty plans are for this Christmas, you’ve just got to check out these amazing DIY Rudolph costumes! With just a few little snips, stick-on antlers, some googly eyes and a pom pom, you, too, could be the star of your office Christmas party!

Popular with the punters last year, the reindeer costume has resurfaced, ensuring that it remains a solid trend for the ages, and one that should not be missed!

This fun new trend isn’t reserved for women only, oh no! If you have a nipple, you can rock this look!

Chest hair adds to the authenticity, don’t you think?

Why not avoid ruining a top by cutting a boob hole in it and opt for a one-shoulder top and just pull it down instead?

Or you could rock twin snowmen instead! It looks like this costume might be available for sale by someone’s grandmother on Etsy, proving that there is no end to the creativity or entrepreneurial nous of nannas.

Why not add some curly gift wrapping ribbon to create a beard and rock a Santa Claus instead?

This wonderful trend is the gift that keeps on giving this Christmas season.

If you’re not sure how to go about turning your titty into a festive party starter, why not check out this handy DIY video that is doing the rounds to great delight?

Now you have no excuses to not take part with a show-stopping fashion statement of your own!

Merry Christmas!


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