This Mother-In-Law’s Shockingly Rude Response to an Elaborate Handmade Gift is Infuriating

This Mother-In-Law’s Shockingly Rude Response to an Elaborate Handmade Gift is Infuriating

Some might say that a handmade gift is worth much more than something picked out at the shops, no matter how expensive or perfectly suited the present may be. It’s the time spent not only learning the craft but then creating something with love, hoping that the recipient will enjoy it.

So when that gift is then thrown back in your face and deemed inappropriate, you might be excused for seeing red and losing your shiz entirely. Well, that’s how I would probably react!

Someone’s mother-in-law has written a letter to Dear Prudence, the internet’s most favourite agony aunt, moaning about the wedding anniversary gift given to her by her son and his wife — an intricate handmade knitted bedspread.

I’m sorry, what?

If I were in range I would have stabbed her with my knitting needles myself!

Improper and stingy? Is it any wonder that they haven’t spoken much since and that her poor daughter-in-law has been “outright cold”?

Prudence’s response was, I feel, much more polite than I would have been, that’s for sure. For example, they don’t call her an unutterable fuckbucket, which is something I would be certain to include in my retort.

After screenies of this entire debacle were shared over on Twitter, people sort of lost their minds a bit, as Twitter is wont to do sometimes.

So there you have it, folks. Another mother-in-law shooting herself in the foot by finding fault with her son’s wife and no doubt planning on victimising herself when she no longer has access to her grandchildren.

How would you react if you were her daughter-in-law?

PS: the crocheted rainbow ripple blanket in the picture above was made by yours truly. I would cut a bitch if I were criticised for gifting it to someone! It took me fourteen months to make!

Source: Dear Prudence


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