Teens in Indonesia Are Boiling Pads to Get High in What Has to Be the Most Revolting Idea Ever

Teens in Indonesia Are Boiling Pads to Get High in What Has to Be the Most Revolting Idea Ever

It has come to international attention that teens in Indonesia are doing something pretty revolting in an attempt to get high.

I mean, I get it. I’ve done awful things to feel buzzed. I’ve downed my fair share of Passion Pop. But this is something else.

What could possibly be worse than cheap fruit-flavoured sparkling wine, I hear you ask?

Teens in Indonesia are rifling through rubbish piles searching for sanitary pads, tampons and nappies — used ones — taking them home, boiling them up in a big old pot and then drinking the garbage juice to get high.

Apparently, the chemicals (mostly chlorine) in the products is the cause of the temporary high, said to give the drinker hallucinations and a feeling of flying.

One might argue that you would need to get pretty high to cope with the fact that you just drank boiled used nappy juice in the first place.

“The used pads they took from the trash were put in boiling water. After it cooled down, they drank it together,” Senior Commander Suprinarto, head of the Central Java chapter of the National Narcotics Agency explained.

The affordable beverage is understood to be “bitter” but is often consumed three times a day by users.

Children as young as 14 have been detained in the crackdown on drug use in Indonesia.

In 2016, groups of teenagers in Belitung, Bangka Belitung Islands, and Karawang, West Java, boiled up used pads to get high in what was considered to be the first instance of the repulsive act.

“I don’t know who started it all, but I knew it started around two years ago. There is no law against it so far. There is no law against these kids using a mixture of mosquito repellent and (cold syrup) to get drunk,” Mr Jimy Ginting, advocate for safe drinking explained.

Grossness aside, it really is sad that these kids are finding these awfully dangerous ways to get high. And the fact that they are so willing to drink something so vile says a lot about their young lives.

Education is vital. Don’t do drugs, kids.

Source: The Straits Times and Giphy


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