Mums Reveal the Weirdest Things Their Kids Have Put on Their Christmas Wish Lists

Mums Reveal the Weirdest Things Their Kids Have Put on Their Christmas Wish Lists

Kids are weird sometimes. One year my little sister asked for a horse for Christmas. Being a normal Australian family in a normal suburban home, this wasn’t an option. Besides not knowing how to care for a horse, we did not have the finances required to obtain said horse.

Instead of going into the boring details of why we couldn’t have a horse for Christmas, my mum patiently explained to my little sister that we didn’t have room for a horse. To which my sister replied, “But it can be an outside horse?”

Mums have taken to a popular forum to share the weird things their children have asked for for Christmas, and we get it entirely.

  • light bulbs
  • hand sanitizer
  • a stick
  • different kinds of cheese
  • bucket of marshmallows
  • mashed potatoes and gravy
  • a lint roller
  • four pork pies
  • white sliced loaf
  • a vortex to candy land
  • a blue retractable dog lead with his name on it
  • an Easter egg
  • a stripy fruit bowl
  • bandaids
  • a pineapple
  • a potato
  • money to purchase a real helicopter
  • a huge diamond
  • a full sized wheelie bin
  • an apple cutter
  • an orange bath towel
  • a cuckoo clock
  • a gravy boat in the shape of The Titanic
  • an air guitar
  • electric pencil sharpener
  • towel with his name on
  • baby sister
  • toy razor
  • brussels sprouts
  • a yellow butter dish
  • a red ring binder with a dinosaur on the front
  • a zombie
  • a banana
  • an older brother
  • a circular saw
  • a mobility scooter
  • fish fingers and chips
  • an invisible yo-yo
  • blue tac
  • a witch
  • a large cardboard box
  • a piece of remote controlled coal
  • a blue present
  • a private beach
  • the actual moon

What unusual or weird present suggestions have appeared on your child’s Christmas wish list? Share them with us in the comments!


Source: Mumsnet

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