Man Shares Photo Of His Dog Only To Have Facebook Delete It Because It Looks Exactly Like A Penis!

Man Shares Photo Of His Dog Only To Have Facebook Delete It Because It Looks Exactly Like A Penis!

Don’t you just love Facebook? It gives you a chance to check out (AKA stalk) photos of your friend’s kids, their holiday destinations and especially their pets. People LOVE sharing pics of their animals looking adorable- they may be lying on the couch, running in the backyard or even at the vet with a cone around their neck. Pet photos are so common on Facebook that we don’t often hear of the platform banning any and deleting them within minutes of being uploaded.

Occasionally though, there will be some clown who thinks they can pull the wool over Mark Zuckeberg’s eyes and try to post a photo of their puppy that will have literally have you saying W T actual F!! In fact, the photo was deemed so rude that Facebook pulled it down within minutes of it being uploaded as it went against it’s Community Standards.

What could be so ‘inappropriate’ about a puppy photo you ask? Ummm…this…!!

Okay…don’t freak out!! We know it looks like a penis but it’s not! We promise you it’s an actual puppy- albeit a hairless one!

Surely 16 year old Dominic Ibaos knew EXACTLY what he was doing when he shared the pic! Seems not. The Philippines youngster said: “It’s really hard for me to see the penis perspective because when I look at it I always just see the puppy.”

Is he kidding! He doesn’t see a penis in that photo? We don’t see anything BUT a penis. And no, we don’t have our minds in the gutter because we’re 100% sure you saw a huge schlong as well!

“I got a notification saying it had been blocked a few minutes after I posted it to the group,” he continued.

PIC FROM Kennedy News and Media  

“At that time I didn’t realise it looked like a penis because when I first posted it to Facebook all I saw was a photograph of an innocent puppy. It actually made me really angry for a moment, but I feel better about it now because people find it hilarious. I find it really funny that it’s causing all this attention because it looks like a penis, yet the photo is something I can keep sharing because it’s also not.”

Seriously? I mean the way he’s cradling that wrinkly, sleeping puppy ensures it’s not an innocent photo. It looks exactly like a penis and you can’t convince us otherwise!

For those of you out there who want to know what breed this little dickie is it’s a Xoloitzcuintli, otherwise known as a Mexican hairless dog. The teenager said his family owns 12 of these dogs but this one, called Dimitri, is the only one that resembles a dick.

Well thank God for that- imagine a house with 12 schlongs, we mean hairless dogs, running around!!



Images courtesy of Kennedy Post.


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