Husband Wants Wife To Get Botox Cause Her Face Makes Him Cry!

Husband Wants Wife To Get Botox Cause Her Face Makes Him Cry!

Complaining about each other’s looks isn’t really a past time associated with newly weds. In fact couples who have only been married for 6 months are probably still using the toilet with the door closed…ahhh remember those good old days?

So imagine our surprise when we stumbled upon this dickhead, I mean husband who has asked his new wife if she would consider getting botox because her face offends him. In fact it offends him SO much that he ‘cries himself to sleep!’

The devastated wife says her husband of less than six months asked her to get Botox as her face is starting to mess him up. Yep…it’s starting to mess HIM up! Here’s what she wrote on Reddit:


Can you believe this shit? Imagine your partner asking you if you’d consider getting botox? I know what my answer would be and it would probably result in him having to get some kind of surgery!

The poor woman went on to ask for help after she started questioning her own beauty and worth. And if this fuckwit thinks this of her at 31 years of age how is he ever going to cope with grey hair and sagging boobs?!

I don’t know about you but I don’t see how you can rebuild an asshole? If your husband finds you so repulsive at 31 that it makes him cry can you imagine how he’ll be when he sees you push a child out of your vajayjay!! Run sister….run!
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