This Family’s Solution to Their Kid Drawing on the Wall Is Funny and Very Clever

This Family’s Solution to Their Kid Drawing on the Wall Is Funny and Very Clever

Children love to draw. And no matter how many colouring books or art pads we buy them, sometimes they slip up and, for reasons best known to themselves, think that a cupboard or wall might be a suitable spot for their latest masterpiece.

We could spend a fortune on those Magic Erasers (seriously peeps, hit up eBay for that shiz, so much cheaper!!) or go through loads of hairspray trying to get the marks off the walls, or we could think outside the box like this family did.

Eric Massicotte’s son expressed his creativity using green texta on a wall of his family home.

His masterpiece was a sketch of a house, and instead of doing her best to remove the drawing, his mum found a truly ingenious way to deal with the situation: turning the impromptu artwork into a prized gallery piece.

“Your kids are going to do things they shouldn’t. It helps if you married someone with a sense of humour,” Eric wrote on Twitter about his wife’s solution.

The problem:

The solution:

And a close up of the sheer brilliance of the mum:

Dad Eric uploaded pictures of his family’s solution to Twitter where it was received with much positivity and delight as other parents shared their own children’s misplaced artwork.

One commenter shared some screengrabs of a conversation she had with her partner after she shared Eric’s link with him. His review of the piece is sheer perfection:

I do love the internet sometimes. People are awesome when they share fun things and are nice to one another. And that’s some terrific parenting, too.

Do you have some artwork on the wall where it shouldn’t be? Can you use this solution too?


Source: Twitter/Eric Massicotte


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