Dad Uses Face Swap To Make This Hilarious Video Of His Kids Slamming His Cooking

Dad Uses Face Swap To Make This Hilarious Video Of His Kids Slamming His Cooking

Cooking for kids is tough. The foods that they love and will happily eat can change entirely from one week to the next, and no one wants to become a short-order chef, making meals to order at the whim of their children. You could end up making several different meals each night just to please everyone, and that’s no guarantee they’ll eat it, either!

Dad “Woodsie” of the popular YouTube channel Woodsie TV used Face Swap to put a unique spin on an otherwise typical dinner conversation between himself and his two young daughters, Violet and Embry, as they slammed the meal he made for them. Or, as they call it, a “pile of hot garbage.”

This is genuinely laugh-out-loud funny:

This is a hysterical use of Face Swap technology and I endorse it wholeheartedly.

The whole thing is just so superbly done, and the moustache adds a nice touch.

I wrote a piece about toddler savagery just yesterday, making a point of how hilariously brutal they can be with their honesty. This fabulous video just reinforces how low key insulting children are sometimes.

“Hey, Dad, do you know how to cook, or do you just know how to put trash in the oven and then put it on a plate?”

“Hey Daddy, knock-knock. It’s the police. They’re here because you tried to poison your children with this garbage dinner.”

“It’s like if a bucket of vomit could commit a hate crime, it would be this dinner.”

“It smells like a burning tyre fire.”

“It smells like the devil tooted, lit it on fire, whispered a curse into it, and then sent it up here over the plate.”

“Well, I gotta tell ya — I’m a Yelp-er, and you’re not gonna get a good review.”

Just glorious!


Source: Youtube/Woodsie TV

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