Chrissie Swan says despite the challenge, she wouldn’t rule out doing reality TV again.

Chrissie Swan was away from her family for 6 weeks, slept with bugs and had to eat disgusting food in the jungle on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here but she has said that she wouldn’t say no to doing it all again!

‘It was really great to meet new people and take it to another level, so I would never say, never again,’ she said.

She may have formed close bonds with the likes of American star Maureen McCormack and comedian Joel Creasey, but she has spoken out about how annoying fellow camp=mates and lovebirds Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich were.

‘They just hung out together and were two extra mouths to feed,’ she told the publication, admitting Anna engaged more with her teammates after Tim left.

Chrissie also described Tim and fellow buff bod boy Tyson Mayr as ‘crustacean’ looking, like the underbelly of a cockroach.

While she isn’t concerned with talking about her major weight loss in the jungle, she said that the experience has seen her flooded with job opportunities.

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