Bride Threatens to Uninvite Bridesmaid from Her Wedding Party Because of Her Hair Colour

Bride Threatens to Uninvite Bridesmaid from Her Wedding Party Because of Her Hair Colour

When you are planning your wedding, aesthetics are extremely important. It’s all about the gorgeous dress, the exact accent shades, the most beautiful flowers and the perfect location. People spend big money on getting their special day just right, and they want it to look exactly the way they planned.

But what if one of your bridesmaids decides to dye her hair pink the week before your carefully planned nuptials?

One bride took to popular forum Mumsnet to ask if she was being unreasonable to be upset about exactly that!

The bride, known only as ‘elcarmen’ wrote that her bridesmaid is usually a brunette and that her attendant’s dresses are red. I can see her problem.

She added that she suspects she did it on purpose, too.

I must admit, I would be livid.

One week out from the biggest and most expensive day of her life and one of her so-called closest friends decides NOW is the time to turn her hair pink?? You bet I’d be pissed. Do that shit later.

Surprisingly, to me at least, many of the responses on the message board supported the bridesmaid!

“Why do you care OP? It doesn’t affect your wedding at all unless you think weddings are all about how things look in the photos. Why on earth would a friends hair colour even be on your radar? Do you normally only associate with boring hair coloured people?” wrote one.

“Of all the things that will be on your mind, your bridesmaid’s hair shouldn’t be one of them. Let it go and enjoy your day,” wrote another.

Oh, I disagree entirely!! This woman will be in most of her wedding photos, forever reminding the bride of the bullshit power play she pulled right before her big day.

While it isn’t right to dictate to others what colour they wear their hair, but let me throw in some different scenarios here.

What if the bridesmaid had opted to get a full sleeve tattoo the week before the wedding?

What if the bridesmaid decided that it was the perfect time to shave her head into a mohawk a few days before?

Is it really that unreasonable to expect those closest to you to respect that they are about to be front and centre in your wedding and to postpone any major aesthetic-altering decisions for a few days?

I don’t think so. What do you think?


Source: Mumsnet


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