Beware Of New Scam Claiming Facebook Will Start Charging Fees!

Beware Of New Scam Claiming Facebook Will Start Charging Fees!

A scam claiming Facebook will start charging it’s users fees has been doing the rounds again and thousands of people have taken the bait.

The way the scam has been circulated this time is through messenger. It comes in your inbox from a friend of yours who fell for the hoax. In the message it tells you that you only have a limited time to continue using Facebook for free before fees are introduced. In order to avoid ‘paying any fees’ all you have to do is send the same message to 10 other friends in your contact list. Once you do, then Facebook will see you’re an avid user and will excuse you from having to pay. If you do not then ‘automatic billing’ will occur.


The message reads: “From Saturday morning Facebook will become chargeable. If you have at least 10 contacts send them this message. In this way we will see that you are an avid user and your logo will become blue and will remain free. As discussed in the paper today. Facebook will cost $0.01 per message. Send this message to 10 people. When you do the light will turn blue otherwise Facebook will activate billing”.

Do NOT share this message. All it will do is annoy your friends! Just respond to whoever sent you the initial message and tell them that it’s a hoax. Facebook has always said they will never charge for using their platform.

If you’ve already been sent the message and wish to report it then you can do so by following the link here.


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