Apparently 10% of Women Wear Their Underpants Multiple Times Before Washing And 🤢

Apparently 10% of Women Wear Their Underpants Multiple Times Before Washing And 🤢

Studies have revealed that people aren’t washing their clothes nearly enough, with one in five people wearing their underpants more than once! Shockingly, one in ten women have owned up to wearing their dirty knickers again, some even admitting that they sometimes turn them inside out!

This horrifying news confirms what we’ve suspected about the direction humanity is headed in recent years.

The study conducted by online clothing retailer Banana Moon Clothing looked at how often people wash their clothing and how long they think they can get away with wearing dirty clothes.

Men are worse than women for repeatedly wearing dirty underwear, with nearly a third (31%) of men confessing to wearing them twice or more before washing, compared to only 10% of women.

A further 4% of men even admitted to wearing their underwear inside out to get more usage, compared to 2% of women.

It seems a lot of people are either confused as to how bodies work or are blissfully unaware that their personal brand of stank is not going unnoticed.

This begs the question — how often should we actually be washing our clothes?

I wash everything except jeans, pyjamas and bras after one wear. I wash PJs after two wears, and jeans and bras after about three to five wears.

Apparently, you can get a little more out of your clothing than that though, according to Canstar.

Here is their rundown on how often you should be washing your clothing:

One Wear:
Socks and stockings
Athletic clothes

One to Two Wears:
Tops and Dresses

Three to Four Wears:
Sleepwear and Pyjamas

Five+ Wears:
Jackets and Blazers

How does your laundry routine stack up? Are you one of the one-in-ten underwear re-wearers? We’d love to hear your side of the story!


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