Here are 17 Hilariously Embarrassing Fashion Fails to Brighten Your Day!

Here are 17 Hilariously Embarrassing Fashion Fails to Brighten Your Day!

We don’t always get it right when it comes to fashion. And that’s okay, you know? We can’t always be perfectly put together, can we?

It doesn’t help when clothing companies are actively trying to sabotage your attempts to look fashionable with awkward print placements and bad designs. Hopefully, these images will give you a giggle and remind you to always try clothing on before making your purchases.

1. These butthole yoga pants that are now only to be worn at home

2. What exactly are they looking at here?

3. We get what they were going for with this one, but they missed the mark:

4. Oh dear. How did this unfortunate blouse get this far before someone noticed and said something about dem titties?

5. We’re almost certain these bikini bottoms were designed that way on purpose.6. Is that the Leaning Tower of Pisa or are you happy to see us?

7. Another badly designed piece that looks like this poor woman has suffered an embarrassing accident.

8. Super Shitters!

9. Sara’s favourite Saturday t-shirt just turned into her crappiest.

10. Oh dear. This wasn’t supposed to happen.

11. How did they manage to get that so wrong?

12. Ol’ Burger Flaps over here would like to have a word with the designer of these yoga pants.

13. The CVM staff must be a busy bunch.

14. This tee is fun!

15. Lisa Simpson knows.

16. Behold, the exotic and beautifully scented bum flower!!

17. Well hello there, little guy! Who doesn’t need yoga pants with a sloth peeking out from the vagina? 


Do you have any fashion fails of your own?



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