14 More Hilariously Embarrassing Fashion Fails to Brighten Your Day!

14 More Hilariously Embarrassing Fashion Fails to Brighten Your Day!

It’s always a bit funny to see what some designers define as fashionable. Whether it’s a completely outlandish idea that didn’t quite translate into wearable clothing or an incredibly unfortunate print placement, there are plenty of fashion fails for us to giggle at.

Earlier this year we brought you Part One of our series of hilariously embarrassing fashion fails which you can check out here. We are delighted to share another 14 seriously ridiculous clothing disasters right here in part two.

1. Breast Friends Forever

2. This cute emoji skirt with an unfortunate suggestion3. These leggings make the owner’s arse look like a black hole sucking everything into its force field4. When you want to wear thongs and cowboy boots at the same time5. It’s meant to say GYM hair, don’t care. 6. This visor is entirely not fit for purpose and completely useless7. Jam out with your clam out!8. Just what every girl wants, a skirt with DRY written directly across her pubic region9. DOPE or PEDO? We can’t be sure.10. These floral pants come with a giant pink flower right over your vagina like a bullseye. Stunning!11. The print placement on these Grumpy Cat leggings give the owner vaginal whiskers, always a good look!12. hey quick question what the fuck13. Cute little fox! Too bad your toddler now looks like they are wearing a g-banger!14. I think their faces say it all, really. 

Don’t forget to check out our first article in our fashion fails series, right here!

Source: Bored Panda


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