18 Ingenious Dad Hacks Just in Time for Father’s Day!

18 Ingenious Dad Hacks Just in Time for Father’s Day!

Dad’s are smart, you guys.

They know loads of tricks to make life a little easier for themselves. Whether it is coming up with a new idea or MacGuyvering the shit out of everyday items, they always have brilliant (although sometimes questionable) ideas.

For example, just the other day a dad from Canada came up with the ingenious idea to use a hula hoop to help his son learn how to walk while ensuring that he doesn’t hurt his own back bending over him! Now that is smart!

Has your partner or father ever tried any of these (mostly) clever dad hacks?

1. The ‘teach your child to walk with a hula hoop’ hack

2. The ‘attach a power tool to make the baby’s bouncer handsfree’ hack

3. The ‘attach a rope to the toddler swing and relax with a beer’ hack4. The old ‘vacuum the ponytail’ hack

5. The ‘bait and switch’ hack6. The ‘dad’s face on a shirt to send a clear message to her dates’ hack7. The ‘batting practice with a fishing rod hack’ – genius!!8. The ‘take off your singlet to create a baby restraint’ hack

We do not recommend trying this one, it does not look safe for wiggly babies, but dayum dad!

9. The ‘exhausted-child on a luggage trolley’ hack10. The ‘stop triplets from fighting in the car with a cardboard barricade’ hack11. The ‘reverse baby-gate’ hack12. The ‘doctor’s office fancy coffee table’ hack13. The ‘instant pram’ hack14. The ‘gamer dad’ hack15. The ‘indoor slippery dip’ hack16. The ‘use a paper plate for a drip-free icecream’ hack17. The ‘sleeping baby table’ hack18. The ‘toddler overalls carrier’ hackHappy father’s day to all the simply brilliant dads out there!


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