The Penis Jacket Made A Return Appearance To TV And Now Looks Even Ruder!

The Penis Jacket Made A Return Appearance To TV And Now Looks Even Ruder!

A couple of years ago, Channel 10 newsreader Natarsha Belling was mortified to learn that a seemingly innocent jacket she wore for a live broadcast didn’t translate very well on screen. Thanks to an unfortunate neckline, the piece of clothing was quickly dubbed “the penis jacket.”

In fact at the time, the image went viral and no doubt some heads would’ve rolled at Channel 10. Fast forward a few years and some new wardrobe stylists and here we are again… looking at that very same “penis jacket.” This time it was proudly worn by Channel 9 presenter Samantha Heathwood during a broadcast last week.

The unfortunately shaped jacket has a collar that is rounded at the shoulders and extends further down the chest finishing with a zip. Heathwood’s choice of wearing a white top underneath the jacket only made the outfit of choice look ruder! Check it out for yourself.

The image quickly did the rounds on social media with many calling it a ‘d**k move’ by Channel 9 who made her wear it.

“I know I’m immature but this cracks me up,” one social media user said, while another wrote, “Literally cannot unsee it now.’

“Well, it’s pointing in the right direction!” one said.

“Woah that’s even worse than before … this time spillage,” another Twitter user added.

Others clearly didn’t have their brains in the gutter and commented on how lovely the newsreader looked. “You people are so catty, so what, it looks good on her!”

Of course it looks good on her…but it still looks like a PENIS!

Triple M probably summed it up best when they wrote “Someone in the wardrobe department probably (thought): ‘It’s been a couple years, no-one will notice.’”

Think again Joyce, we ALL noticed!


Images: Twitter

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