Serena Williams Says Giving Birth Will Make Her A Real Woman!

Serena Williams Says Giving Birth Will Make Her A Real Woman!

Tennis champ Serena Williams is currently expecting her first child with fiance and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. With just weeks to go before the impending birth, Serena recently sat down for an interview with Stellar magazine where she spoke about her excitement in becoming a first time mum.

“I have so much respect for so many women [for giving birth]. I am about to be a real woman now, you know? It’s going to be something incredibly impressive to go through,” the 35 year old said.

As soon as the interview was published, the backlash against Serena’s comment began. While the tennis star may have flippantly used the term ‘real woman’ to describe a mother it seems there were many disgruntled and offended women who took her words to heart.

Among the comments made were these:

“Didn’t know I had to have a baby to be a ‘real woman’ ..thanks for letting me know @serenawilliams.”

“What an ignorant comment so all childfree women are not real women?”

“Does this mean that mums who have kids and abandon them in dumpsters are “more women” than those who are childfree?”

“So, in your view, I’m not a real woman because I CHOSE not to have children?”

“I get tired of ppl telling me I’m not a real woman bc I don’t have kids and am still single.”

“@serenawilliams You are a real woman. Having a baby is a blessing.”

Here’s what I think about the whole thing. Did Serena mean to offend millions of women? No. Should she have said what she did? Absolutely not. Does giving birth make you a real women? No effing way!

The problem is with the term ‘real woman’ and not necessarily the context it’s used in. Serena has millions of followers who look up to her and worship her every move. It was 100% irresponsible for her to make such a claim regardless of whether that was just her opinion.

Spare a thought for the millions of women who are currently undergoing fertility treatments to have a child. They are already feeling they are not good enough so to hear they are not ‘real women’ until they birth a child is just ridiculous and utterly hurtful. I should know. I was one of those infertile women for many many years. And I too died a little inside every time another pregnant mum would rub her tummy in front of me declaring how ‘womanly’ being knocked up made her feel.

Women are real regardless of whether or not they’re mothers. They could be single, gay, straight, divorced whatever- nothing changes the fact that you are a woman.

The same goes for another use of the term ‘real women’ that absolutely does my head in! Whenever I see clothing advertised for a ‘real woman’ I just want to scream. What the advertisers are actually saying is that skinny bitches aren’t real. That to be considered a ‘real woman’ you must have ‘curves.’ Really? Way to go advertisers! What a great way of pitching women against each other instead of uniting us!

I say we drop the term ‘real woman’ in every sense and start using the one word that truly describes us all…UNREAL women!

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