Octomum Natalie Suleman Shares Recent Photo Of Her Kids And Boy Have They Grown!

Octomum Natalie Suleman Shares Recent Photo Of Her Kids And Boy Have They Grown!

Natalie Suleman became a household name back in 2009 when she gave birth to octuplets using IVF. Suleman already had six children at the time her octuplets were born, which resulted in her receiving a lot of public scrutiny for being a single mum of 14 living on government assistance.

In order to provide for her kids, the mum of 14 turned to porn and stripping to make ends meet. In 2009, Suleman did some adult videos as well as appearing live across LA at various strip clubs. The mum spoke with ABC news about her fight to provide for her children saying she relied on Xanax to “numb” the reality of what she did for money. Her catalyst to stop was when she found her then 10 year old daughter playing dress-ups in one of her stripping outfits and heels.

“… My heart sank. I felt like throwing up,” Suleman admitted. “That was the moment when I said I would rather be homeless living in the van with all my kids, than allow any of my girls to feel that they are not worthy enough and that they have to go down that path.”


Fast forward to 2018 and the single mum is happier than ever raising her clan on her own. Suleman shared a back to school photo of her eight children that shows just how much they’ve grown and just how much they look like her!

“Any other parents exceptionally stressed and overwhelmed the first week back to school? I must admit six (yes I said six!) drop offs and pick ups monopolize most of my day, as I am an official bus driver (but wouldn’t have it any other way lol). Per usual, none of the older kids want anything to do with taking a picture, as much as I begged!”

We hear you mumma! Keep up the amazing work- your kids all look adorably happy!

We’re not the only ones who think Suleman is doing an amazing job with her brood. Check out some of these encouraging comments from her fans.

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