Mum Of Six Constance Hall Speaks Out About Being Lunch Shamed From Son’s Teacher!

Mum Of Six Constance Hall Speaks Out About Being Lunch Shamed From Son’s Teacher!

Mummy blogger, author and radio personality Constance Hall, has spoken out about the time her son’s teacher ‘lunch shamed’ her for sending him to school with chocolate milk.

The 33 year old said she was made to feel guilty after her five year old son Arlo was told his chocolate milk was not “healthy enough for recess” and was told to wait until lunchtime.

Constance says she had no idea her son was going without his mid morning snack until one day Arlo told his mum he wasn’t allowed to drink it at recess cause it was unhealthy.

“So I said to the teacher, really? The options are that or juice and because he can’t have any bread or anything substantial I gave him the milk to line his tummy a bit because he’s probably hungry,” Constance told her listeners on morning show The Queen Sesh.

Constance, who has four biological children and two step-children, says this isn’t the first time she’s been mum-shamed for her food choices. The mum says her son has endured lectures from his teacher about his chocolate milk snack for three-months, with the teacher even criticising Constance for sending Arlo to school with the “worst breakfast ever.”

“There are people like me who work full time and have six children that just sort of need things to go smoothly,” she said. “There are other mothers who cant even afford to do lunch orders and then for them to get shamed about what they’re giving the kid for recess, I just don’t like it.”

The blogger says the school has no right to make pedant feel bad for what they feed their kids. Teachers have no idea of the financial situation parents may be facing and they shouldn’t be made to feel like the worst parents ever.

“When I was at my lowest and I couldn’t even afford to do lunch orders and I had twin babies, newborn babies, I was living on my own, and I couldn’t even get to the supermarket,” Constance revealed. “Power to the people! Let them drink milk.”

In a day and age when teachers are taking on more and more responsibility in the classroom, do we really need to add food police to the list. Unless the children are coming to school with McDonald’s in their lunch boxes every day is it really the teacher’s responsibility to say something?

Many parents would argue that as long as their children are eating something at school- they’re happy- after all we grew up without the food police over our heads!

On the flipside though we do have one of the largest numbers of childhood obesity rates in Australia than ever before. Perhaps if we educate our children and their parents from a very early age then we may be able to set the children up for a successful relationship with food rather than an unhealthy one that may lead to obesity. What do you think? Should the school stay out your kid’s lunchbox and would you be happy to be pulled up for something you had packed for your child to eat?

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