Kim Kardashian West Is Slammed For Styling Daughter’s Hair Straight!

Kim Kardashian West Is Slammed For Styling Daughter’s Hair Straight!

Kim Kardashian West’s oldest daughter North turned five recently and to celebrate, the stylish youngster got a joint party with her cousin Penelope as well as a trip to New York with her mum and dad Kanye West.

While there’s no denying this little fashionista’s style and swag it’s her hair that got everyone talking when photos of her were shared online.

Little Northie usually wears her hair natural which for her is curly and gorgeous. However for this special trip to the Big Apple, mum decided to give her a new look- poker straight hair which she wore up in an Ariana Grande style pony tail. The 5 year old looked adorable and was a spitting image of her mum Kim.

The problem fans had with the straight hair seemed to lie in the fact that in the past Kim has been very vocal about raising mixed-race children with husband Kanye West. She has spoken out on how she has encouraged North to embrace her natural hair.

In Interview magazine last year, she said, “She’s obsessed with her curly hair, and if she finds someone who has the same hair, she runs to them and is like, ‘You have curly hair like me?’ And we get to talk about it.”

People felt that the straight hair was a tad hypocritical after the reality TV star voiced how proud she is of Northie’s love of her curly hair. While others simply thought the five year old was way too young to be exposed to hair straighteners or chemical treatments.

Not that we actually know how Northie’s hair was straightened. It could’ve been just a simple blow out! Am I right?

I mean her mum is Kim Kardashian West- so I’m pretty sure she has hair and make up experts at her disposal. Surely she’s not going to let anyone do anything to her baby’s hair without making sure it’s safe and non-toxic?

What do you think? Is this just a big fuss over nothing or do you agree that North West is way too young to be having her hair straightened at just five years old?


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