John Legend Pushes For Equal Parenting Rights Saying Men Are Never Shamed Like Women Are!

John Legend Pushes For Equal Parenting Rights Saying Men Are Never Shamed Like Women Are!

John Legend, husband to Chrissy Tiegen and dad to Luna and Miles can only be described as…well… as an absolute LEGEND!

Here is a man who calls out the double standard bullshit that exists between the sexes, especially mothers and fathers. A few weeks after their first child Luna was born the couple went out for a date night which resulted in a lot of paparazzi attention. What was all the fuss about? Well it seemed it was too soon for Chrissy to be out and about without her baby while John who was with her copped NO criticism whatsoever!

Speaking of the incident at the time John spoke to Huffington Post saying: “We both were going out, and it was a couple weeks after Luna was born. We had child care. She wasn’t home by herself. Chrissy got criticised, and I was right next to her and didn’t get criticised. It just lets you know, those are the different expectation levels a lot of people have for men and women, and I think we need to have conversations to evolve past that.”

John has also teamed up with Pampers and Koala Kare to pledge for 5,000 changing tables to be installed in public restrooms across the US. He says men have just as much responsibility for the care of their babies as women do so it’s time to see changes in how society provides for that.

“So much more is expected of women, and so little is expected of men,” he said.“Every time a man does even the smallest thing, everyone’s like, ‘Oh, that’s so amazing, he’s such a great dad. Meanwhile, women are doing lots more, and it’s assumed that’s what they’re supposed to do.


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 “They’re not celebrated for it. I think part of changing behaviours and the ways we interact with each other is changing the way we talk about these things, and I think one way we can do that is not to lower the bar so much for men.”

John says the reason he’s advocating for more baby change tables in restrooms are so that there isn’t any excuses.

“But bottom line is, let’s make it more convenient for dads, and let’s say that it’s not just a woman’s job to do this,” he adds. “Men can share in this role as well, and let’s make sure there are facilities out there that make it possible.”

What a man, what a legend!!


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