‘Jimmy Giggle’ And Wife Tori Have Welcomed Twins To Their Family!

‘Jimmy Giggle’ And Wife Tori Have Welcomed Twins To Their Family!

Kid’s entertainer James Rees, better known as Jimmy Giggle and wife Tori have welcomed twins to their beautiful family! Rees shared the exciting news on Instagram revealing the birth of his twin sons Mack and Vinny.

“THE BABIES ARE HERE!!!! Tori and I couldn’t be prouder to share the safe arrival of Mack & Vinny (2.46kg & 2.33kg),” he wrote. “Both boys are doing amazing!! Tori is a total superstar, she was born to be a mummy and continues to surprise me with her innate ability to just know what to do!!! Our hearts have doubled in size!! Prepare for some serious baby spam!!!”

The couple are already proud parents to three year old son Lenny and by the looks of this photo he looks positively stoked to be a big brother!

Mum Tori shared her own heartfelt message to women who are struggling to conceive as she too found it hard to fall pregnant with Lenny.

“Mack and Vinny, you have completed our family in so many ways. We are completely and utterly in love and can not wait to do life with you together as a family of 5,” she wrote.

“I would really like to take this time when I am sharing our families insanely special time to acknowledge the hardships so many families and women are going through in their own fertility journey.

“Jimmy and I had a very personal tough journey that is so important to acknowledge. Those families who are struggling- please stay strong, please don’t give up hope on that family, please get help in whatever way you can, please allow yourself to grieve and please speak up to people who understand- I am so right there for anyone who is going through a fertility journey of their own.”

“So much love to everyone. I am feeling so full, so loved up and just so insanely BLESSED in every single possible way.”

The couple had no idea they were expecting twins and admitted to having a slight freak out when the found out. “I almost fell over when they told me,” Tori told Who magazine.

“It still hasn’t dawned on us how crazy it’s going to be,” dad Jimmy Giggle continued. “We just have to go with the flow.”

Let’s just say life as they know it will never be the same again- nor will they want it to be. With 3 kids under 4 the ‘Giggle’ household is about to be turned upside down!

“Prepare for some serious baby spam!!!” Giggle announced.

We can’t wait to continue seeing lots of photos of these adorable brothers. Congratulations to all of you…and we must admit we’re a little surprised you didn’t go with the names Giggle And Hoot!

Images: Instagram


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