Jessica Simpson Has Shared Her First Post Pregnancy Body Pic And It’s So Relatable!

Jessica Simpson Has Shared Her First Post Pregnancy Body Pic And It’s So Relatable!

Jessica Simpson has always been one of our favourite celebrity mums for the simple reason that she always keeps things real. Throughout her pregnancies, the star often shared photos of her swollen ankles, sore breasts and nauseous mornings!

Simpson’s latest baby Birdie Mae Johnson was born on March 19 and she is just perfection! I mean check out that face! Birdie joins Simpson’s two other children with husband Eric Johnson, Maxwell Drew, 7, and Ace Knute, 5.


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Birdie you steal my heart ❤️

While carrying Birdie, Simpson often shared info about her difficult pregnancy and birth, so we’re all super happy to see her up and about and attempting to work out again. Lord knows we’ve all been there and know how hard it is to find the time and motivation to move a muscle!

Simpson shared the cutest photo on Instagram recently of her post-baby body in full work out mode. Well kind of! The mum of three can be seen trying to stretch. ‘Trying’ being the operative word here.

Simpson captioned the hilarious pic with “Just stretching it out in my rubber corset. The joy of postpartum.”

The rubber corset she mentions is no doubt a belt she is wearing to help heal the muscles around her belly. It’s super common for mum’s to wear a belt/corset after giving birth but as anyone woman will tell you…it’s virtually impossible to bend over in them! So hat’s off to this mumma for even trying!


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It’s a Birdie Mae Sunday 💚

Simpson’s fans quickly took to the comments section of Instagram to let her know just how relatable her latest photo was.

Thank you for being one of the few woman who actually share a real story about losing baby weight!

On the plus side, you have ankles again! Postpartum is a bich, but you’re tough. Go get it. 👊🏻

Don’t stress you made a human. Take as much time as you need to achieve the goal YOU set for yourself and no one else.

You go girl! Thank you for always being real❤️

I truly love your honesty!❤️🙏🏽

Just remember it took you 40 weeks to gain that weight and grow your baby so give yourself twice that to be “back to normal” you beautiful just as you are mama!!

Glad your sharing …Struggle is real for everyone , no matter what their financial status is. Go get it girl!!

Go get it indeed girl! We love your humour and honesty Jess…please never change!

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