Jessica Biel Shares a Photo That Sums up Life as a Working Mum

Jessica Biel Shares a Photo That Sums up Life as a Working Mum

Being a mum is a full-time gig, no matter how you look at it. Throw a career outside the home into the mix and it’s a recipe for sheer exhaustion, and you take your downtime when you can! Jessica Biel certainly understands.

The actress and her husband, Justin Timberlake, share a 2-year-old son named Silas, and they both juggle parenthood with their careers in entertainment.

Jessica shared a picture to her Instagram that summed up the exhaustion of raising a toddler while working outside the home. And we can certainly relate to it!

“SPOTTED! In her natural state, notice the slack jaw, deep sleep and palpable fatigue of this creature. Yes, it is a working mom,” she captioned the photo.

Ohh Jess. We hear ya.

While many followers appreciated her honest account of what motherhood is like for her, Jessica copped criticism from other mums because she is wealthy and can afford help. Yes, really.

“Stop saying you are a working mum !! You are not the only one. More of women working hard for her children and family and don’t have your money!” wrote one follower.

“Yeah I just can’t. Between Gwyneth and Ivanka… Please just stop these working mum comments. No one is doubting your legitimate tiredness but please remember that you are privileged to have help and support. The majority of working mums work long days just to pay bills, then come home to a disastrously messy home and crying hungry kids. That is exhausting. And so is the life of a stay at home mum… Because she is a working mum too, just doesn’t get paid. And she never gets a break… No time for toilet breaks or eating unattended. So please just stop.” wrote another.

I will never understand why people do this. Why do they feel the need to tell other women to stifle their feelings and certain aspects of their lives just to suit their own agendas? So what if Jessica has the money to afford help, how does that negate her work ethic or fatigue?

No matter what these famous mums like Jessica and Chrissy Teigen do they are always criticised by some jealous troll who believes that their opinion matters somehow.

Much props to Jessica for telling it like it really is for her. For sharing her motherhood experience with the world, no matter how unflattering or unglamorous it may be. Even if it doesn’t fit into someone else’s narrative of what motherhood is like for them, or what they believe motherhood should be like for a famous, wealthy and hardworking family.

Screw the haters. Go Jessica.


Source: Instagram/Jessica Biel

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