Actress Debra Messing Says It’s Easier Having One Child Versus Many!

Actress Debra Messing Says It’s Easier Having One Child Versus Many!

Families come in all shapes and sizes and have their challenges whether there’s one child or a dozen. The pressure on women to have more than one child is constant but we all know this isn’t always realistic or achievable for all families.

Will and Grace actress Debra Messing recently gave an interview where she spoke on her experience of being a mother to one child. Messing is mum to 14-year-old son Roman, who she shares with ex-husband Daniel Zelman.

“I gave birth when I was 35, all of my friends gave birth in their 30s, and it’s not a crazy idea to think you can wait until you’re in your 30s to give birth,” the actress says.

“I think that is a beautiful age and a great time in your life, and you will know when it feels right to you. And P.S.: It’s no one’s business. That’s the bottom line. People like to give advice about procreating, and it’s a very private, intimate thing, and you don’t owe anybody an explanation. And if people are stressing you out, you can say to them, ‘I’ve got it covered, thank you for the concern.'”

The actress then went on to express how she feels about having just the one child. “I think that there are certain women who are built to be able to have five, six children and are able to multitask and handle the sort of innate chaos of having lots and lots of kids,” she says. “I know myself, and I’m not built that way.”

While having lots of kids is great for some parents, Messing says she appreciates the ease of only having to juggle one child. “What I love about having one is … dealing with pickups at school and after-school activities while you’re also a working woman, it is easier with one child versus many children.”

Roman not having sibling is something Messing struggles with and feels guilt about but says that’s probably the only downside. “That is something I have often regretted,” she reveals. “But I feel like this is the family I have, and I embrace it and love it and know that there are pros and cons no matter what configuration your family has.”

“I think the greatest challenge of being a mother, period, is just balancing work and family,” Messing says. “There’s always this wanting to be with my son, all the time, and sort of overcoming the guilt of that I think is a big hurdle.”

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