24 Hilariously Terrible Tattoo Fails That Their Owners Might Regret

24 Hilariously Terrible Tattoo Fails That Their Owners Might Regret

While many tattoos are beautiful, well-designed works of art that their new owners are super happy with and show off proudly, some are not.

Some tattoos begin with a terrible design idea and are created by an incompetent tattooist with a lack of any discernable talent and a poor understanding of anatomy, spelling and grammar. Unfortunately, their handiwork will be emblazoned across someone’s body forever, as a constant (and hilarious) reminder of their poor life choices.

Which one of these is your favourite?

1. This is downright horrifying

2. Why exercise when you can just get pecs and a six-pack tattooed on instead?

3. These mouldy tits are meant to be a map of the galaxy

4. I wonder how many times this gent has been slapped across the face since he got that tat?

5. I mean, at least it’s well done I guess

6. Looks like Ronnie Mac’s carpet doesn’t match his curtains

7. So much wrong with this

8. Is Pikachu constipated, or?

9. This poor woman asked for a galaxy and ended up with… this.

10. One thing a lot of these tattoo artists have in common is…

11. …no fucking idea…

12. …how to draw…

13. …tigers!

14. This Marilyn Monroe homage is a tragedy

15. Dog tits.

16. Something is definitely broken.

17. At least the message is inspiring I guess

18. If only the artist had learned to Never Eat Soggy Weetbix

19. I mean, it’s creative?

20. Another creative one making use of a random tuft of arm hair

21. Or nipple!

22. All was fine until the translation

23. It’s the moustache that makes it truly freaky

24. Why would anyone want to turn their head into a turtle?

Do you have any tattoo regrets? Share with us in the comments!

Source: Bored Panda


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