14 People Who Are Probably Having a Much Worse Day Than You Are

14 People Who Are Probably Having a Much Worse Day Than You Are

We’ve all had bad days here and there. Some are worse than others, but often we pick ourselves back up again telling ourselves that tomorrow is another day and bound to be better. Hopefully!

While these following people have had a bad day, at least they can have a bit of a laugh about it later on when they see the funny side. Their images come with a reminder that even if you’re having a bad day, there is always someone else out there in worse shape!

1. This family only wanted to see some African animals in this safari park, but it turned out that the giraffe wanted to take a closer look at them instead, shattering a window in the process.

2. This is probably why you should never break up with someone at a nice restaurant!

3. This woman forgot to apply sunscreen before going on a bike-ride. Lesson well learnt by the looks of things! Ouch!

4. This person didn’t really want that umbrella anyway!

5. It must suck to head off to bed only to discover rodent footprints all over your blanket.

6. Not sure what sort of person talks to urinals anyway, but this can’t be good for anyone.

7. At least that can of Pam prevented an absolute disaster by holding up the rest of the alcohol collection!

8. This next one serves as a reminder to always pack a spare hair elastic so you don’t have to use your pen. At least it didn’t ruin her shirt.

9. This woman is the reason they say to test hair dye in a small section of your hair in case of an allergic reaction. The first picture is what she normally looks like… the other two are the after photos, poor lady!

10. This man probably should invest in some blinds. Or the guy with the view might consider doing so as well!

11. When you’re going down the waterslide but grab a hold of the wrong thing!

12. This person started their day off by dropping a tin of coffee on the floor, and onto their child too!

13. This is what happens when you forget that you removed the ice tray and the ice maker just kept right on making ice, filling the entire freezer.

14. How does one blow up a toilet, exactly?
Feel better now?

Source: Bored Panda


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