Turn Your Kids Art Into Jewellery With Etsy

kids art into jewellery

Children’s drawings are some of the most treasured artworks parents keep, stored away for when their children grow up. The amount of artwork children produce in their lifetime often requires more than a scrapbook to keep it stored.

We’re coming to the end of the year where children’s artwork will be sent home everyday and it can be hard for parents to chuck the drawings away.

Every now and then, a drawing will hold a sentimental message that parents will be drawn to keep.

These drawings are precious and they can be turned into jewellery so your child’s art can last forever.

There are some amazing craftesians on Etsy who can turn your child’s drawing into a treasured keepsake.

These can make the best Christmas presents and a valued gift for the recipient.

There are an array of ways to turn your kids art into jewellery on Etsy. The hardest part will be deciding which picture and what piece you want to create.

1. Sterling Silver Kids Art Ring $58

etsy kids art ring

2. Sterling Silver Children’s Drawing Necklace, $47 (on sale)

etsy necklace

3. Children’s Artwork Resin Necklace $55

etsy drawing necklace

4. Custom Sterling Silver Drawn Cufflinks $109


5. Customised Children’s Art Cuff Links $60

cuff links

6. Personalised Writing and Children’s Art Tie Clip from $76

tie clip

7. Handwritten Bracelet $117


8. Personalised Children’s Drawing Leather Bracelet $58

etsy leather cuff


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