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The REAL Anatomical Difference Between Men and Women




This is a sight that we are all familiar with.  Male public nose pickers are everywhere and range from  furtive nostril pluckers in restaurants, to those to burying their fingers up to their knuckle in their face.  Interestingly the later  variety is  most often observed in their cars at red lights.



I say interesting (instead of damn right gross) because…well…have you ever wondered what they are really looking for up there?



Seriously!  I have been covertly watching this phenomenon for many years and my research leads me to believe that our male counterparts have been holding back on some pretty amazing information.



So…this is the exclusive girls.



Forget everything yur science teacher ever told you about the difference between mens and women’s bodies – there is more to it than genitals.  hormones and excessive amounts of body hair.



The real anatomical difference between the sexes is this....are you ready to hear the truth?
Men are fitted with a switch.  You know like the ones that are located on the underside of kids toys.  Yes, the on - off - demo switch - exactly like them - only microscopic.



It is located somewhere in the nasal passage and clearly leaves the G-spot for dead when it comes to elusiveness.



Now...and this is the shocking part - as a general rule men are born with their brains set to demo mode.



It’s all falling into place now isn’t it?



So, it would appear that whilst for centuries we have been berated men for their poor hygiene and bad manners with regards to their nose picking habits, they should in fact be encouraged and supported.
After all, they are just trying to turn their brains on!



So, instead of throwing a disgusted look in your husband/father/brother/ son's direction next time you catch them on the hunt, try some kind words of encouragement instead.
"That's it honey.  Keep looking.  You'll find it one day."



However, I must admit, in light of this new information, I can’t help but feeling a little uneasy about this….


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So now you know and the whole world seems clearer somehow doesn't it?  

I've shared the secret, will you?