Kristen Bell Cheekily Admits To Wearing Butt Pads To The Golden Globes

Kristen Bell let her fans in on a little beauty secret while preparing for the Golden Globe Awards recently!

The 36 year old Bad Moms actress wasn’t shy about revealing her tips and tricks that help prepare her for the red carpet. Even if they include BUTT PADS!

Bell revealed she was wearing butt pads underneath her stunning Jenny Packham gown which she happily flashed for her fans via her Instagram story on Sunday.


For those not sure what butt pads are just imagine a padded bra but for your backside. It gives you the look of having done 100 squats a day when in actual fact the only squatting you’ve been doing is in front of the fridge to get the chocolate!

As well as her butt pic, Bell shared a series of make up free shots of the “before” process in her plunging-neckline designed dress.

Bell and her husband Dax Shephard both brushed up well and looked stunning as they attended the awards show. After being asked what their plans were for an after party they half-jokingly replied that they would be heading home to play a board game.


“We’re going to play Settlers of Catan roughly at 8 p.m.,” the actor said. “That’s our after-party.”

And that’s exactly what they did! Legends!


Photos: Instagram



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