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HELP!!! I Need Your Vote...and Your Neighbour's-Brother's-Girlfriends-Dog's Vote Too if Possible! it's not my usual style to get down on my hands and knees and beg for anything.  (Huh Hmm - yes thank you, I do have style...kind of).

But on this rare occasion I will make an exception.

You see, I managed to unwittingly stumble upon a blogging competition a couple of days ago with my name written all over it.  

Basically, the deal is you get given something free every month, (ie. a cooking class, a night in a hotel etc,) and then you have to blog about it.  

"Pick me, pick me," my inner-Donkey yelled jumping up and down in excitement.

Sounds perfect, right?

(Just think of all the fresh, new, hilarious material that could be generated for the HOT SPECIALS newsletter if I actually left the house once in a while!  Ohhhh...the excitement!)

The only draw back is that I have entered a tad late and voting ends on Sunday 20th February.  At my last check I only needed approximately 300 more votes to get a look in.


I need either a small miracle...or a little help.

It's just a few clicks of the mouse to VOTE for me....purlease...

You can't see me but I am on my knees...

...and now I have a buttery crust stuck to the knee of my jeans as proof (which one of my cherubs obviously piffed under my computer desk at breakfast this morning!)

Hmmm...not even the dog fancied this delightful pre-loved morsel!

Thanks for your help...and feel free to repost the link for me.  Let's face it, I need all the help I can get! 

Cyber-hugs and love to all my blog readers.

This is Super-Hero-Mummy, over and out!